Art Marcelo Burlon parades under the creation of Edoardo Tresoldi
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Marcelo Burlon parades under the creation of Edoardo Tresoldi

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Marcelo Burlon sfila sotto la creazione di Edoardo Tresoldi Collateral

Milano Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019/2020 has just ended and, among the shows of the big fashion houses, we were pleasantly impressed by that of Marcelo Burlon County of Milan.

Before explaining to you what attracted our attention, we want to make a premise telling you what drove the designer to design a show like the one we saw.

At a time in Italy when the issue of immigration is very sensitive, he said: “We are living a very strange moment in Italy. They are closing the ports. They don’t want people coming here from Africa. They don’t want immigrants and they are afraid of diversity”. As we all know, Burlon also immigrated from immigrant parents, was born in Argentina and came to Italy at the age of 13. He added: “We are also encouraging the children who follow the brand to vote […] in this small world of fashion we try to be activists“.
Most of the models who took part in the show were first-generation Italians of African origin. The show finished with Marcelo that crossed the catwalk raising his fist to the sky, sending a very strong message.

Hence the collaboration with Edoardo Tresoldi – artist, sculptor and set designer – famous for his installations made with wire mesh. For the occasion, he created a cathedral suspended from the ceiling, but which in the projectors resembled a rendered 3D hologram. The construction was broken down into vertical sections to create the impression of a multitude of doors through which all are welcome. In the base some lights, which changed color intermittently, they were projected towards the ceiling and met the white wire mesh, which was colored accordingly.

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Present at the fashion show, the usual line-up of music and fashion personalities and the participation of 300 local children who were able to participate by participating in an online raffle. They were all wearing County of Milan’s winged tees.

Text by Elisa Scotti

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