Photography Maria Munzi and the surreal aspect of everyday life

Maria Munzi and the surreal aspect of everyday life

Giorgia Massari

The surreal aspect is often sought after by photographers who, using digital technology, try to create absurd scenarios inspired by Surrealism and Metaphysical art. Photographer Maria Munzi doesn’t need to resort to fiction; instead, she seeks the surreal in the everyday, in the real world. Her photographs depict an image of reality that is as familiar as it is fictitious. Her intention is to «challenge interpretive paradigms to introduce the doubt that everyday life could be a kind of dream, a fantasy.» This concept materializes in the series Je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing), which has been exhibited internationally and will be on display at the Rea! Art Fair in Milan from this Thursday, October 12th.

I realize that the project also arises thanks to my devotion to mystery. Therefore, I aim to convey suspense, hinting at something that is slow to arrive or perhaps never arrives. On the other hand, I found it important to introduce humor, as absurdity and strangeness reign above us.

says Maria Munzi.

Indeed, that’s precisely it. The photographer invites viewers to pay attention to situations, those small moments of absurdity hidden within an action, a landscape, or a face that often go unnoticed. In her shots, the boundary between dream and reality becomes blurred. The dream invades reality, or perhaps it is everyday life that borrows dreamlike elements, making them its own and reserving them only for those who can conceive them.

Courtesy Maria Munzi

Written by Giorgia Massari
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