Design “Mars vista”, the installation that brings Mars to Earth

“Mars vista”, the installation that brings Mars to Earth

Giulia Guido

More and more frequently, artists and designers create works designed for our cities, to be placed in crowded places and spaces of passage. The latest example of this trend is “Mars vista“, the installation by design studio Jiri Prihoda that has succeeded in the mission to bring a glimpse of Mars on Earth, precisely in Prague. 

The construction can be considered the upgrade of a previous work of the studio, the “mPOD” of 2015, a small wooden cabin that was inspired by Mars Pod and that overlooked a screen on which were projected images of the red planet. 

For “Mars vista”, the wooden cabin and screen were enclosed within a spiral-shaped stainless steel shell. 

From the outside it looks almost like an object from another planet, inside reminiscent of space constructions. Both internally and externally, “Mars vista” is equipped with a screen on which are transmitted shots of the landscape of Mars. 

The effect, both on those who pass by us distractedly, and on those who decide to enter and let themselves be transported in this space journey, is of disorientation, suddenly finding themselves admiring the desert of Mars, but remaining surrounded by the buildings of the city. 

Visit Jiri Prihoda site to discover “Mars vista” in its entirety. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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