Design Marta Saraiva’s sarcastic artworks
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Marta Saraiva’s sarcastic artworks

Giulia Pacciardi

The main weapons of Marta Saraiva’s artwork, also known as @annehail, are irony and topicality contents.

The graphics of the young Portuguese artist, graduated in Communication Design, are characterized by a pop style with bright colors and a mix of everyday objects and quotes full of sarcasm.

The themes at the heart of her work revolve around men and their psyche, with irreverence she makes fun of normality, of the consumer habits that govern our daily lives, of the fixed points, of the habits and customs but also of precise errors on which it would be better not to fly over.

Simple and striking graphics that, at first glance, pull a smile but also something more.

Designartworkdigital illustrationgraphic design
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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