The Guestbook: our interview with Maya Beano

Maya Beano is a 1991 class photographer from Amman, Jordan, known for her striking, exciting and atmospheric shots. Her images are made with a 35mm film camera and represent the visual diary of everything that is part of her life.

Us at have asked Maya a few questions about her and her work:

How did your adventure with photography start?

My adventure with photography started and stopped several times. When I was a kid, I used to document all our family occasions using my mum’s film camera. She eventually got me one of my own, and it was my favourite thing in the world. A few years later, I stopped taking photos altogether, before picking up another camera in 2010. I started posting my work online in 2014, only after I felt like I’m finally creating the work that I want to be creating.

What is the image, among those that you have produced, which represents you the most?

I think this image of me frolicking in the fields captures me quite well. I am a very reflective person, although I do also have a playful approach to life.

Why did you select these shots? What do you want to communicate with your images?

I’ve selected some images taken by me and by other artists that inspire me. The thing that all these photos have in common is that they invite me to connect with them emotionally. The five photos that I took all have a deep impact on me every time I look at them. They remind me of the things that I love and enjoy in life, whether it’s birds flying over Arctic Norway or just the neighborhood cat climbing my garden fence.

Then there’s the black and white photo taken by one of my all-time favourite photographers, Margaret Durow (@margaretdurow) I have been deeply in love with Margaret’s work for many years. It’s so soft, so poignant, so profound. I would encourage everyone to follow her work.

The Guestbook: la nostra intervista a Maya Beano |

Another one of my favourite photos features a blossoming tree in the rain, taken by Henri Prestes (@henrifilm). This rainy scene reminds me of every spring I’ve lived in the UK, driving through the moody countryside. Henri captures the world very cinematically and I’m a huge fan of the work he creates.

The Guestbook: la nostra intervista a Maya Beano |

The wonderful pink and blue sky was captured by Ross Buswell (@atmospherics). I could just look at this photo all day. A wonder to behold! I think Ross’s landscapes are masterpieces.

Are there any films or books that have influenced your artistic career? 

I find questions like this one quite difficult because I’m not consciously aware of a specific film or book that has influenced my work, although I’m sure that there are some – I just can’t think of any specific ones right now that jump out at me! I can say though that I’m hugely inspired by the landscapes and colours in pretty much every Hayao Miyazaki movie. What a legend! Another filmmaker whose style I admire is Wes Anderson. I can’t even remember the exact narratives sadly, but his visual style is phenomenal. Who wouldn’t want to live in a pink hotel?!

Are there any stories behind your images?

Sure, of course. My images are a visual representation of my day-to-day thoughts and experiences, although I like it when the viewers come up with their own stories about them.

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The Guestbook: la nostra intervista a Maya Beano |
The Guestbook: la nostra intervista a Maya Beano |
The Guestbook: la nostra intervista a Maya Beano |
The Guestbook: la nostra intervista a Maya Beano |
The Guestbook: our interview with Maya Beano |
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