Mcflyy Studio: sneakers land in Hollywood

7 November 2019

On the occasion of Sneakertopia, Mcflyy Studio realized some illustrations combining the passion for sneakers at the passion for cinema.

On October 25th, at Los Angeles, has been opened to the public the first pop up museum projected and entirely dedicated to honoring sneakers lovers. For many people these are just “shoes”, but for sneakerhead, this is true culture and distinctive lifestyle.

The event was attended by the world’s largest sneaker brands and many artists including Michael Murphy, Jonas Never, Ricardo Gonzalez. 

The event in question is “Sneakertopia” and it is defined by the chief executive director as “a project created, developed and curated with the aim of presenting sneaker-themed installations by placing them in a museum context”. 

The initiative was a moment dedicated to the culture and trends of sneakers, sport, music, art and a tribute to the world of streetwear

For the launch of the event, some designers have created posters that celebrate the most iconic sneakers inserting them in film contexts that have left a mark in the world of films.

In particular, Mcflyy, a graphic and visual design studio in Los Angeles founded by Paul Shelton. He is famous in the industry for collaborating with well-known brands in the industry including Puma, Under Armour, Moncler and many others.

Mcflyy Studio has revisited the posters of some of the must-have films in the history of cinema in the 80s and 90s, creating illustrations studied in detail giving it a personal and innovative touch.

These films are in order: Forrest Gump 2, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Reebok, E.T, Fight Club, Back to the Future and the Exorcist.
What he did was to include some of the most iconic sneakers of recent years and more contemporary elements within each illustration.

For example, in the Pulp Fiction poster, Beatrix Kiddo aka Uma Thurman was reinterpreted in a modern key by a girl with long black hair, a pair of yellow sunglasses and a pair of Air Jordan at her feet.

The title of the films has also been shaped according to the new concept. 

This idea of modifying, aging and bringing the Pulp Fiction poster up to date has also been applied to the other films mentioned above.
Surely it is an interesting experiment that manages to reconcile the Hollywood film reality with the streetwear lifestyle that dominates the culture of the sneakerheads.

Text by Anna Cardaci


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