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Mulieris Magazine is an all-female project created by Greta Langianni, Sara Lorusso e Alice Arcangeli, two photographers and one illustrator based in Bologna. The magazine tackles every month a different theme: the first issue was about female masturbation and the second one about motherhood. Now, for this third edition that will be published on paper and the theme will be “forms”.

Greta, Sara and Alice asked to female artists to present their projects (photography, performance, installation, video, sculpture, illustration, painting etc.) focused on this theme.Yes, because Mulieris Magazine is a collective project, created by women who want to collaborate with them. They say:

Our intent is to create a platform that allows artists from all over the world to promote their art, create a network that unites these artists and allows them to continue research in every discipline. Female artists and anyone who recognizes themselves as creatives”.

Why an all-female project?

“The idea was born from a feeling of inequality that exists between women and men also in the world of art, where often the woman is disadvantaged, diminished and exploited. This editorial project becomes a means for us to help the artists and make readers aware of the condition of women and the vision of women of various themes.”

Text by: Bianca Felicori

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