Photography Megan K Eagles the photographer who strips away prejudice

Megan K Eagles the photographer who strips away prejudice

Emanuele D'Angelo
Megan K Eagles |

Megan K Eagles is an experienced visual researcher with extensive knowledge and expertise in photography, film, art and graphic design.
A commendable woman, superb with her photographic lens, from her shots she is able to capture details that are impossible to see with the naked eye.
In recent years, she has abandoned every job and today she is a freelancer who boasts numerous collaborations with Vogue Italia, Thiiird magazine and many others.

In his projects, especially in the last ones, he has participated in works that strongly praise women. Stories of strong, fearless, emancipated girls. Some are inspired by women’s subcultures and biker groups, integrating and referring to aspects of Riot Grrl, Punk, and porn.

But it doesn’t stop here, one of her main themes is undoubtedly the exaltation of feminine sensuality understood not as mere pornographic vulgarity but as grace and naturalness that every woman has inherent in her.
Her photographic sets are games of mirrors, colors, candles and soft lights that make her photos simple poetry.
Never in bad taste, as said she bases her photography very much on the female empowerment in which women drive, possess themselves and their sexuality.
Sexuality in her editorials, particularly in “Cat rider“, denies, according to many insiders, a traditional male gaze and embraces a feminine one in which passion comes with power.

In “Babes with power” Megan K Eagles still confirms her trend, breaking the classic taboos and photographing some models completely naked.
The photographer in this wonderful series of analogical shots is able to tell both Soho, a city in continuous evolution, and to explore, as always, the feminine sensuality, inspired by a B-movie aesthetic of the 70s.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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