Art Memory Lapses, Francois Ollivier temporary installations

Memory Lapses, Francois Ollivier temporary installations

Giulia Ficicchia
Memory Lapses, le installazioni temporanee di Francois Ollivier | 2

Therapist from all over the world will confirm this: the places where we have built the happiest memories are those where it’s best to take refuge in moments of inner storm. Then come all the others, those of our routine, those of our family, those of the new beginnings and those of the end. For each of them we have an emotional label, a mixture of memory and sensations.

This is precisely where the temporary sculptural installations of photographer Francois Ollivier play, which had previously led us to the discovery of human beings in urban contexts.

Ollivier travels between the places of his life: Montreal, where he has lived since 2011, Roquebrune Sur Argens, where he was born, Portugal, where his sister and his family live together. In each of these places, the photographer creates sculptures with reflective materials that, thanks to a careful game of timing and flash, disappear in the moment of shooting. Sometimes they are chaotic, because they reflect strong nostalgia and long emotional relationships, other times they are more linear, because memory is still being built.

It’s a game of subtraction through light, a transposition from mind to image, including emotions.

Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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