Mercedes CEO retires, and BMW pays tribute to him with a new commercial

31 May 2019

On May 22nd, Mercedes Benz CEO, Dieter Zetsche left the German giant to retire and BMW greets him with an incredible commercial.

Despite being rivals on the market, the relationship between Mercedes Benz and BMW is so healthy that it is difficult to call them opponents.
After the announcement of a possible collaboration for the realization of an electric city car, in fact, to leave everyone amazed was the spot, ironic but heartfelt, that BMW wanted to dedicate to the CEO of Mercedes Benz Dieter Zetsche just retired.

The clip tells the story of Zetsche’s last day at the company, including greetings, handshakes, group selfie and the last trip home in his impeccable company Mercedes that leaves him in front of his garage.
And it is there that BMW throws his funny hit at his rival-not rival.
When the slider opens, in fact, we see the double of Zetsche coming out in a BMW i8 Roadster accompanied by the ironic phrase “Free at last”.

But the spot doesn’t end here, BMW after the laugh, dedicates to the opponent heartfelt thanks for the years of stimulating competition that they shared.

“Thank you, Dieter Zetsche, for so many years of inspiring competition.”

The competition, the beautiful one.


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