Art Mini People In The Jungle, the mystical animals of Dawid Planeta
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Mini People In The Jungle, the mystical animals of Dawid Planeta

Giulia Ficicchia
Mini People In The Jungle, gli animali mistici di Dawid Planeta | 4

Fear can be the best friend or the worst ally of a person, it can freeze him or her or it can push him or her to do more. The reality is that when a little bit of courage comes and the person decides to get close to it, to watch it, to study it, he or she recognizes to be bigger than it and he or she transforms it in a memory.

The Polish artist and graphic designer, Dawid Planeta, has transformed his fear, or rather his depression, in illustrated animals with eyes full of lights, apparently frightening, huge animals, whose eyes hides something more than a desire to flee in front of them, behind them there’s joy, passion, that you obtain going through that unpleasant sensation that they initially provoke on you. The human characters in this illustrated series, Mini People in The Jungle, do that, standing, getting close, sometimes with open arms, as they want to invite the animals to not be afraid of them.

The depression becomes for Dawid an occasion to be more creative, to give it a form, to study it, to know it and to transform it from an enemy to an artistically.

Artartgraphic designillustration
Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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