Art Money Must Be Made, counterfeit notes in Venice
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Money Must Be Made, counterfeit notes in Venice

Emanuele D'Angelo

Money Must Be Made is the project of a network that brings together some of the main graphic design studios operating in Venice and the only industrial printing house remaining active in the historic center. The project was born as a provocation: fake money, eight different designer banknotes, have been designed, made and distributed in order to highlight a real problem, namely the possibility of creating wealth in Venice by investing in culture.

Money Must Be Made is the cry of alarm of an alternative Venice that, through its work, does not resign itself to a stereotyped image of a city, devoid of future and at the mercy of uncontrolled tourist flows. For years, in fact, there has been a community of workers in Venice, mostly active in the world of graphics and publishing, the last heirs of a centuries-old tradition. A creative and productive fabric capable of creating work of the highest quality, too often not adequately known and valued even within the narrow Venetian dimension.

The title of the project was borrowed from a 2017 book by Lorenzo Vitturi, an internationally renowned Venetian photographer. The book was printed in Venice, designed by a studio based in Venice and distributed worldwide.

The aim is to rethink creative work as one of the founding elements of a community and a city eager to build an alternative. It is an invitation to take a closer look at what is already being produced and designed in the city.

Artgraphic design
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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