Art All the murals from the tenth edition of Gulìa Urbana

All the murals from the tenth edition of Gulìa Urbana

Tommaso Berra
Gulìa Urbana |

Ten years have passed since the first edition of Gulìa Urbana, the street art festival conceived by the Rublanum collective that involves a number of small towns in Calabria. Once again this year, the festival went to enrich the Calabrian landscape with works that are not only an invitation to discover the talent of many artists but also the most hidden beauties of a region rich in history.
Gulìa Urbana wants in fact, through art, to promote the slow tourism of small towns, giving visitors the opportunity to get in touch with the traditions of the area and firsthand also with some of the artists involved.

From Mendicino to Santa Sofia D’Epiro, passing through Spezzano della Sila, Carlopoli, Belsito, Bianchi and Conflenti, the street artists told stories related to each territory, but also lesser-known anecdotes, through their own style. Attorrep for example painted a mural dedicated to Mike Porco, Bob Dylan’s putative father and a native of the town of Domanico.
Respecting the spirit of the places, Gulìa Urbana’s goal is to build free-access, site-specific and community-specific open-air museums, involving the community for an ever-increasing period of time, until the territory is perfectly embedded with its artistic soul. Meanwhile, on the occasion of the exhibition’s 10th anniversary, Rublanum laid the groundwork for what will be the M. A. U. C., a stable museum of urban and contemporary art in the South.
Check out the work of NeSpoon, Remy Uno, Attorrep, Claudio Morne, Marta Lapeña, Fio Silva, Tony Gallo, Wedo Goas, Milu Correch, La Franz, Etsom and Slim Safont on Gulìa Urbana’s official channels.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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