Art Music, art and LEGO, the creations by Waheed Zai
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Music, art and LEGO, the creations by Waheed Zai

Emanuele D'Angelo
Waheed Zai |

Artists have always been looking for new mediums to create their works, there are those who work with oil paint, those who simply draw on paper or those who illustrate relying on digital. But there are also those who recreate and reimagine iconic moments of pop culture with LEGO. This is the case of Waheed Zai, a young artist who manages to merge art and LEGO by recreating album covers, TV series, films and much more with the iconic bricks of the well-known Danish company.

The young artist in this case reinterpreted with his personal style the beautiful work of Vlad Sepetov, author of the cover of an album released on April 14, 2017, which received wide acclaim from music authors and rose to the top of the charts all over the world.

From Kendrick Lamar we move on to Future and Drake, a small jump from America to neighboring Canada, also in this case Waheed Zai has transformed rappers into the world famous miniatures. Released on January 10, 2020, Life Is Good is a single by American rapper Future, a true colossal of the genre.

Staying on the topic of masterpieces, space also for Frank Ocean and his wonderful album “Blond”, an album dating back to 2016 but that seems recorded now because of the sounds so current and then there is always his voice to make everything so special. A dispassionate advice we feel to give you if you haven’t, take a few days to listen and appreciate this album.

From these four covers we understood what Waheed Zai’s musical tastes are. Here he tried his hand at another masterpiece, the first mixtape of Canadian singer The Weeknd, released on March 21, 2011, which actually consecrated his rise.

We close our selection with another absolute masterpiece, one of the best albums of the 2000s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, the first official album by 50 Cent, released in 2003.
Also here Waheed Zai has not left out any detail, even reproducing the Gucci clothes that 50Cent wore at the time, of what would become the fourth best selling hip hop album of all time in the United States.

These are just few of the beautiful creations by Waheed Zai, able to recreate anything with his LEGOs, find out more following him on Instagram.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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