Photography Underwater and sensual, the photographs by Natalie Karpushenko

Underwater and sensual, the photographs by Natalie Karpushenko

Giulia Guido

Are you ready? Take a deep breath. Here, now it’s time to immerse yourself in Natalie Karpushenko‘s photographs.  
Natalie Karpushenko is a very young photographer who always manages to make us dream with her shots. A recurring element in her shots is water: the droplets that remain on the skin in summer, small tanks full of fresh water, but also that of the oceans. 

Yes, among Natalie’s best-known photographs there are certainly those taken in the middle of the ocean, where among the shades of blue and the rocking of the waves the focus is all on the whales. These large gentle animals are in fact the undisputed protagonists of the work of the photographer, who dives for hours to be able to make even one shot that can make our hearts beat. 

Sometimes, next to the whales, we see female figures, naked but twisted in pieces of plastic. What happens to their legs, to their arms is exactly what happens every day to millions of animal species that populate the oceans: they cannot move and are dragged inexorably towards the bottom. 

When she is not in the middle of the ocean, Natalie Karpushenko does not leave the water, which we find in most of her works. Naked bodies melt and hide under its transparent surface, managing to convey passion, but also fragility. 

A perfect example of her style is the shot taken for a campaign of Adopte, which shows two faces immersed in water and covered by masks, now part of our days, that join in what, in better times, would have been a kiss. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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