Art Neptunian Glitter Ball is the AI world you want to live in

Neptunian Glitter Ball is the AI world you want to live in

Tommaso Berra
Neptunian Glitter Ball |

Neptunian Glitter Ball looks more like a new obsession than a simple Instagram profile. The account is a collection of images created through artificial intelligence, collectively representing a world that seems to really exist, perhaps in a galaxy light years from us, or in the distant future(?). Those created in AI are in fact not just images, the admins have built a fantastic story around each character, be it that of a super-evolved metropolis or an extraterrestrial nature.

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This hypothetical planet, which out of fascination or a hidden hope we will continue to call ‘Earth’, is inhabited – as specified in the bio – by heroes, but also by villains with whom we would like to spend our lives. It may be the alien bodies and equipment, it may be the pastel colours that surround everything, but the imagery of Neptunian Glitter Ball is magical and it is precisely that hint of fear that makes everything bright and fascinating.
All the images look like frames from some 70s or 80s sci-fi film set in space, with accentuated make-up, angular cheekbones and jaws, and a wardrobe of looks for all seasons and all carnivals or theme parties. One-way flight to Neptunian Glitter Ball booked.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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