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All the must-see June Netflix films and tv series

Andrea Jean Varraud
I 5 titoli Netflix più attesi di questo Giugno 2019 | 8

Here like every month we come back, also this June 2019, with the list of the 5 must see that will soon be released on the Netflix streaming platform

Black Mirror 5: Finally and I repeat finally it’s coming. The long-awaited fifth season of Black Mirror is about to come out and most of the young adults around the world are already trembling. We all know that since the rights were acquired by Netflix, the series is no longer the same, but it seems that in any case, amid criticism and praise, this spearhead of the scarlet colossus has not stopped for a moment from making talk about itself.

As in the first ones, also for this fifth season, we will have three anthological episodes, which will treat in the most varied ways the technological dystopias that year after year appears to us ever closer to reality. Here in the next few lines some anticipations about the episodes that we will have available soon.

The first episode will be called Smithereens, and tells the day of a taxi driver to become uncontrollable; in the cast, we see Andrew Scott, Damson Idris, and Topher Grace. The second episode will feature Miley Cyrus as an unhappy pop star, the title will be Rachel Jack and Ashley Too. Following the third and final episode, Striking Vipers will show the unexpected consequences of a rapprochement between two old friends; in the cast again we will see big names including Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

The release of the fifth season of Black Mirror is scheduled for June 5th.

Leila: As you may have noticed, it has been a few months since the Netflix catalog was filled with Indian production and many of them are of a high standard. Leila is one of these, a much-awaited series that is preparing to be enthusiastically welcomed by fans of the cyberpunk genre.

In a dystopian future on the forgotten boundaries of segregated communities, a woman looks for her daughter who had lost track during an arrest immediately years before. This product from Netflix is ​​particularly interesting in terms of aesthetic vision, as well as anthropological and cultural. India in fact, with its current political and religious situation, in which a hierarchy organized in castes and a religious melting pot are the masters, is an incredibly fertile territory to give birth to disquieting and paradoxically even plausible fictitious universes. The series will consist of six episodes and will feature the participation of great Indian actors, directors, and screenwriters. Among these, the director Shanker Raman, who despite being his second film direction project, had managed to achieve great success as a cinematographer. It is not surprising that Leila is of high aesthetic value, and we are already aware of it from the first scenes of the trailer, which you can see below.

The series will be entirely accessible from June 14 and we just have to wait.

Murder Mystery: Also this month Netflix does not forget the lovers of laughter. In this quake of dramas, intrigues and dystopias, the American king of streaming always find a way to offer us the most innovative comic content, thanks to the distribution of many stand-up comedy shows, cartoons, television series, and films. Murder Mystery belongs to this last category, a demented comedy, full of references to classic cinema and with an exceptional cast: Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and Luke Evans. During a cruise, a young married couple (Sandler, Aniston), finds herself embroiled in a mysterious and unexpected murder during a stay on a cruise. Obviously, the guilt will be immediately discharged on the two clumsy spouses, who will try in all ways to prove their innocence. Among the locations of this adventurous traveling comedy, we will also see several scenes set in Italy more particularly in Liguria, at Lake Como and finally in Milan.

Although the script of this film was ready as early as 2013, it only succeeds in taking shape and finding distribution in 2018, after a thousand productive ups and downs and continuous changes of cast. The release is scheduled for June 14, but if someone wants to enter the mood in the meantime, we recommend watching Game Over Man! An equally insane film, born from the mind of the same crazy director Kyle Newacheck and always available on Netflix.

Beats: Original Netflix production that tells a story of friendship and salvation in the Chicago Trap scene. Beats immediately proclaim itself (it is enough just to read the title) like a courageous adventure. Although Trap has recently reached a mainstream level that is easily labeled as the new pop music, there are many experiments for the big and the small screen that deal more or less effectively with the same themes. On the other hand, most people will already know what to expect: suburbs, guns, aggressive beats, autotune and lots of ransom. The film indeed speaks of this. But why then do we report it? Well, the film is not made only from the themes dealt with, but as you well know a lot are the elements that make a film unique and valid and we must recognize that Beats has several of these elements. to start the director. This Netflix feature is in fact directed by Chris Robinson, a name that surely appears to us as common as it is unknown but behind a thriving experience in both musical and cinematographic fields. Robinson is, in fact, a young director who in his short career has directed many of the music videos of the greatest rappers and trappers of this millennium, including Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, 50 cents, Pharrell Williams and many others. This obviously is not a guarantee, but surely it is already a good reason to be intrigued. Another reason is instead given by the cast. The leading role is assigned to Anthony Anderson, a face known to the great masses, who for one of the first times we see in a dramatic interpretation that, judging from the trailer, also seems to have succeeded rather well. However, despite these valuable elements, the plot is simple, however: a low-mark manager (Anderson) recruits a young man who is as talented as he is unfit for society, in the hope of turning her together and being able to make music that speaks to people, but above all that helps the boy to get out of his “shell”.

The premises for a good film are there, especially for those who love this musical genre. The soundtrack has been entrusted to Siddhartha Khosla, who has collected lots of awards in the past years.

We just have to wait to learn more. Meanwhile, we know that the release date is scheduled for June 19th.

Dark 2: Here is the long-awaited return of the German series so loved by the international public. After concluding the first season by letting us hope for its return, here is confirmation of its arrival in the Netflix catalog with eight new episodes. If in the first episodes released two years ago we witnessed improbable temporal connections in a dark German province, in this second season we will surely understand something more but with differences, especially of an aesthetic nature. The creators Baron Bo Odar and his wife Jantje Friese stated: “the new season will be very different from the first, the visual impact will be different, it will be much brighter, with lots of sunshine. There will be new intrigues, even more, sophisticated and surprising. We are proud of this new season, we hope the public will too ”.

In Dark 2, we will definitely see the cast we had previously met, but with new additions that we know very little about. Here is a brief synopsis of this long-awaited sequel: Jonas finds himself trapped in the future and tries desperately to return in 2020. Meanwhile his friends Martha, Magnus and Franziska try to find out how Bartosz is involved in the mysterious episodes that happened in the little hometown lotus by Winden: More and more people are involved in the events orchestrated by a dark figure, who seems to control all the elements of the different time zones. Unfortunately, we can not say anything more: It has recently been released the trailer and the date of distribution. All eight Dark 2 episodes will be available starting Friday, June 21st.

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