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All the must-see May 2021’s Netflix films and tv series

Giulia Guido

From Roberto Baggio to the life of fashion designer Halston, it’s time to discover together all the new releases coming in May on Netflix.

Monster: The film’s protagonist is Steve Harmon, a 17-year-old who is accused of murder. The story follows the events that will lead the boy to face legal battles as he tries to adjust to the environment of an elite high school he has begun attending.
Monster will be available on Friday, May 7. 

Money explained: We deal with money every day. We earn it, we spend it, we invest it. This documentary miniseries takes us inside the intricate world of money, from credit cards to casinos to student loans.
Episodes of Money explained will be available starting Tuesday, May 11. 

Dance of 41: The film is a fictionalized account of an event that really happened in the early 1900s in Mexico, when the police raided the home of a wealthy private individual where a party was taking place with only men, some of whom were dressed as women. The incident immediately became a scandal and gossip on everyone’s lips.
Dance of 41 will be available on Wednesday, May 12. 

The Woman in the Window: Amy Adams stars in this crime thriller whose plot is vaguely reminiscent of Rear Window. The protagonist is a psychologist confined to the house because of her agoraphobia who witnesses a murder from her window and will try in every way to solve it. The cast also includes Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore.
The Woman in the Window will be available on Friday, May 14. 

Love, Death + Robots 2: After the success of volume 1, the series consisting of animated shorts that follow the themes of love, death and robots is ready to return. If you’re a lover of shorts, or never have time for a full-length movie, this is the series for you!
The second season of Love, Death+Robots will be available starting Friday, May 14. 

Halston: Ewan McGregor is Halston in the film that chronicles his life and iconic moments. A friend of Liza Minnelli and Andy Warhol, the minimal designer dressed some of the most famous faces of the second half of the 1900s, such as Jacqueline Kennedy. 
Halston will be available starting Friday, May 14. 

Who Killed Sara? 2: The first season of this Mexican TV series, which was a huge international success, left us with bated breath with a murder story that deals with the theme of personal revenge. For the main character, Alex, the problems don’t seem to be over: in fact, the second season opens with the discovery of a body in his backyard.
The second season of Who Killed Sara? will be available from Wednesday, May 19. 

Master of None 3: One of the most successful Netflix series is returning with season three. Life and love are the mainstays of this show that manages to tackle any situation with a dash of irony and humor.
The third season of Master of None will be available from Sunday, May 23. 

Il Divin Codino: Perhaps the most anticipated title of May (at least in Italy). The film tells the story of the champion Roberto Baggio, from his beginnings until he became the idol he still is today. 
Il Divin Codino will be available from Wednesday, May 26. 

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