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New Balance celebrates grey with 5 iconic sneakers

Giulia Pacciardi

Introduced for the first time in 1980, the colour grey soon became synonymous with New Balance, not just a simple shade, but one of the symbols of the brand’s heritage.
For this reason, on the occasion of Grey Day scheduled for September 5, the Boston brand decided to celebrate its color globally with launches and events.
For Italy, they choose the five silhouettes that best represent the authenticity, innovation and lifestyle, characteristics of which NB is the spokesperson.

Among these we find the 990, released for the first time in 1982 with a much higher price than that of its competitors, but now in its fifth version, the 997 that in 1991 surprised all fans for its pioneering approach and the 997 sports, a unique and irreverent lifestyle reinterpretation of the 997.

But not only that, for the Italian event to be held in Milan by Special Sneakers Club, New Balance wanted to involve three personalities able to reinterpret in a creative way the color gray, the artists Cristina Troisi and Vittoria Xerra and the cook Marcello Calabrese.
Cristina, photographer and video artist has created the artwork “Echo Chamber“, a tale of memories, sensations, and visions, in which images blend with sounds in an abstract space.
The project of the artist Vottoria Xerra, on the other hand, has been translated into the creation of shopping bags characterized by contrasting graphics, complementary images, and pattern games.
The Milanese chef Marcello Calabrese, a fan of the brand, delighted in the creation of finger food where everything, from the ingredients to the presentation of the dishes, revolves around the shades of gray.

The sneakers will be available from 5 September at the Special Sneakers Club and in the New Balance single-brand stores, while the works will be visible to the public in the days following the event, from 6 to 8 September at the Special Sneakers Club.

Happy Grey Day!

StylefootwearNew Balancesneakersstyle
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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