Odd Garden is the fourth talent involved in the Container project

The fourth protagonist of Container, a project born from the collaboration between Collater.al and #OriginalsMilano, is the Garden Design Studio and Metrobotanical Art Odd Garden.

Founded in 2012 by the mind and passion of Matteo Foschi, the studio focuses its work on the design and construction of gardens, green spaces and temporary installations characterized by a minimal footprint and the influence of worlds such as architecture, landscaping, art, fashion, and photography.

On the occasion of the Milan design week and the launch of the Home Of Classics pack, the adidas Originals Flagship Store in Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 11, Milan, will be transformed into a green space thanks to the installation and the works that the team of garden designers has created ad hoc.

From June 14 to June 21, in fact, the #OriginalsMilano will be enriched by the temporary installation Bianco ∞, a composition of typical elements of gardening mixed with those of sports such as tennis and basketball that, fused together, form the symbol of infinity.
To complete the artwork will be exhibited also a photographic editorial that tells the concept, manufacture, and design of some of the most iconic models ever, part of the pack Home of Classics, with an emphasis on the new silhouettes Supercourt.

The editorial, taken inside the Milanese studio of Odd Garden by photographer Dave Renoldi, a member of the team, can be found here, while to see the installation and the entire set up of the #OriginalsMilano we are waiting for you from June 14!


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