Music “ORO COLATO” – issue n. 10

“ORO COLATO” – issue n. 10

Emanuele D'Angelo

Between crazy new tracks, great comebacks and synths here we are again, ready to sum up two weeks of music for you. That time of the week has arrived, here are all the tracks you can’t miss selected by Mag, so grab your headphones, turn up the volume and get ready, because it’s getting serious.

In case you’ve forgotten, our selection comes as a result of the process of “cupping,” which involves pouring gold into a small cup after removing all impurities. The selection of these two weeks brought us 19 pieces, an hour in total to dance, sing and despair and what not.

Before we begin, as always, be careful not to take our words for ORO COLATO.

  • Let’s start right away with a great comeback, that of Sonder and Jorja Smith, who together have decided to delight us with “Nobody but you”.
  • Here’s a crazy new track made up of synths, drumz and a desire to scream, you definitely can’t miss “Credo che tra un po'” by up-and-comer Whitemary.
  • From the urge to scream we move on to Cuco’s “Paradise”, the Los Angeles musician returns with a melancholy single that combines Banos’ vocal tone with some imaginative keyboard underpinnings typical of New Wave.
  • From America to France, let’s move on to La Femme’s new album titled “Paradigmes” with many pearls, we chose “Cool Colorado”.
  • Space also for Laila Al Habash who after her first EP returns with Golden Years with a fresh new single “Sale”.
  • Last week we recommended “It’s not my fault” the beautiful new single by Princess Nokia, today it’s the turn of “Nobody’s Fault” by Benny Sings and Tom Misch.
  • Fast, punchy and bad. It feels like being back in the 90’s with Gué and Marracash’s new track titled “Smith & Wessin Freestyle”.
  • Mention also for Rosa Chemical and her remake of Polka together with a super Ernia and once again Gué.
  • We remain in Italy with Franco126 that slowly introduces us to the new disc, here he is again on track “Che senso ha”, yet another masterpiece of the Roman singer.
  • We had already reported Mustafa is one of those talents to keep an eye on, the new track “Ali” makes us realize once again how serious he is.
  • New album for BROCKHAMPTON, we would like to include them all but we always have to choose, damn it, “BANKROLL” is the track to listen to until you’re exhausted.
  • Gus Dapperton also returns and of course “Palms” is already a hit of the kind that sticks in your head.
  • The duo composed by musicians Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington gives us a new taste of their music, here for you “The Limit”.
  • Miguel comes back as a surprise, so without telling anyone, “not even to warn oh”, someone would say! From Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4 we have chosen “So I lie”.
  • Another round, another bombshell, Chiiild surprises us with “Awake” ft. Mahalia.
  • Here’s also a funky track “Let You Speak” by Myd that comes on the eve of his upcoming debut album Born A Loser, due out at the end of April.
  • From funky to soulful Jordan Rakei, another must-see track is “Imagination”.
  • We close our early April selection with two lively yet relaxing pieces, the first being “Hard story to tell” by Andy Stott and Alison Skidmore, the second being “Link” by Tierra Whack.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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