Otherworld, the multisensory arcade bar designed by Red Deer

Red Deer designs a multisensory arcade bar that immerses the user in a unique experience. Discover all its beauty now!

The Red Deer collective of architects designed Otherworld. Created under a railway arch, the perception of reality will be quickly destabilized for total immersion, all thanks to the maxi screens and the light effects they create inside the place.

It is a new generation bar, an “arcade bar” that offers an incredible experience, allowing the user to live in virtual reality in a truly original environment. Each player will have their own room to dive and have fun with their friends. Travelling in parallel dimensions, between one game and the next customers can enjoy a homemade beer, a cocktail or a coffee in a futuristic atmosphere.

Otherworld l’arcade bar multisensoriale progettato da Red Deer | Collater.al

The multi-sensory rooms mix, along with the visual effects, those olfactory and not only – you can also feel the warmth of the wind and the scents related to the worlds to explore. With minimalist interiors, light will dominate the decorations. The gradient colours of the neon lights subtly break up the corners and shapes of the space. With this system, Red Deer wanted to open up the space to a wider audience than those associated with the stereotypical arcade games of the 80s.

“You feel the sun falling on your face as you leave the cave. You feel the wind in your hair as you slide down a vast mountain. Feel the thud under the feet of a new land to explore. “Come in and leave it all behind…”

The place is in Haggerstone, London. What are you waiting for?

Text by Elisa Scotti


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