Art Panolo Blahnik, the bready shoes of Na Kim and June Park

Panolo Blahnik, the bready shoes of Na Kim and June Park

Giulia Pacciardi

Take one of the most famous women’s shoe brands in the world, replace its initial and you’re done.
From Manolo Blahnik to Panolo Blahnik the step is short, especially when the creators of the project are two New York-based book cover designers full of fantasy and many lunches, especially those that intersperse the working days, not exactly full of joy and fun but only of boring lunchbox consumed in front of a computer.

But Na Kim and June Park did not let themselves be discouraged and what, during a simple lunch in September, seemed to be just a slice of bread in the shape of a shoe, today has become the basis of their ironic project.

Day after day, they use their imagination to create new models whose construction is becoming more and more complicated, adding other elements that they collect and keep aside until the right moment, certain that it will come.
This is how the square of a Loacker becomes the detail of a flat shoe, a biscuit the detail of a sneaker and three doughnuts the high heel of a décolleté.

Despite the practice and time they dedicate to this side project, Na Kim and June Park are keen to emphasize that all this is just a game and a useful activity to channel their creativity in as many ways as possible, challenge it and always remain active.

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Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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