Design Why Does the Peach Fuzz Reflect the Spirit of our Times

Why Does the Peach Fuzz Reflect the Spirit of our Times

Giorgia Massari

Why is the Pantone color for 2024 Peach Fuzz? After a year dominated by the bold Viva Magenta, maybe we need some calm and reassurance. The Peach Fuzz 13-1023 is the perfect color to wrap ourselves in. The Pantone Institute describes it as «subtly sensual, a sincere peach tone with a touch of tenderness and kindness». Initially, it didn’t excite us much. Perhaps due to its off-putting effect or because it seems reminiscent of 2016, the times of Pinterest mood boards. However, Peach Fuzz undeniably carries a vintage note that tends to reassure us. From what we’ve gathered online, this choice seems to be appreciated in the worlds of fashion and design. Its soft, velvety appearance soothes the frenzy that the previous year left us with, both in terms of aesthetic extravagance and tactile/material experimentation. Pantone’s intuition goes beyond the exterior, thus warranting analysis in socio-cultural terms. While Peach Fuzz might seem an unexpected choice, it finds its place in a year in need of comfort, following a 2023 marked by a rather critical global socio-political situation. Many have already made this peach-colored hue the protagonist, but will it truly become a trend in 2024?

A note of peach in our homes but not only

Interior design seems to appreciate it the most. Pantone itself declares that Peach Fuzz is capable of «bringing a welcoming ambiance» and «filling our most personal spaces with a presence that calms and reassures us.» Some brands have made early moves, releasing collections specifically using Pantone. Take Ruggable, a rug brand that launched a new carpet capsule entirely themed around Peach Fuzz. Not just for objects, but also for walls. Another Pantone collaboration is with Spoonflower, involving three artists to create Peach Fuzz textures available in wallpapers, fabrics, and home decorations. In terms of furnishing, this color convinces us a lot—it’s delicate and clean enough to be appreciated even by the most minimal tastes. The need for comfort and reassurance is also echoed in fashion, as heralded by the comfort of quiet outdoor fashion, as we discussed here. And who knows, perhaps we’ll see a lot of peach on the runway this year.

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