Design The plant-covered building by Ingenhoven Architects

The plant-covered building by Ingenhoven Architects

Giulia Guido

Thanks to the latest project by Ingenhoven Architects, in the Hofgarten district of Düsseldorf, the boundaries between nature and architecture, between park and city have been eliminated thanks to the renovation of the exterior of the Kö-Bogen II, a complex that houses both offices and shops. 

The idea was to cover the building with over 30,000 plants, turning it into a real urban forest. The final effect is extraordinary and impressive and is underlined by the shape of the building, with its sloping facades that soften the structure and allow you to see the historic buildings beyond the complex. 

As for the choice of the type of plants, the decision came after several studies and research that eventually led the architects to opt for hornbeam hedges. In fact, studies have shown that the ecological benefits of the 8 kilometres of goats covering the entire structure are equal to those produced by about 80 deciduous trees. 

The project by Ingenhoven Architects has created a real green lung in the centre of the German city, which besides being a beauty for the eyes, protects from the sun’s rays, reduces urban heat, produces oxygen and attenuates the noise of the city. 

The problem of climate change has affected all sectors and, last but not least, also that of architecture and the integration of 30,000 plants in Düsseldorf is a feasible and feasible response in a short time. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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