A playlist to be ready for Sónar 2019

A playlist to be ready for Sónar 2019

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The summer festivals’ season is about to kick off, and there will be plenty of incredible events. Barcelona will be hosting the 2019’s edition of the Sónar Music Festival, which again was able to come up with an unbelievable lineup.

I created a playlist that incluedes a bunch of the artists involved in the festival, to give you an idea of what you’ll be seeing – and hearing – in Barcelona.

There’ll be a lot of music and a lot of genres, and honestly I don’t know them all. I might not be able to know them all even if I was to listen to music 24 hours a day, each day of my life; and trust me, I write about music for a living, so I actually almost spend 24 hours a day listening to music. This playlist is actually a pretty personal selection, oriented by my music taste, but I chose to dig deeply into each artist’s catalogue, so maybe you’ll end up discovering some hidden gems or some amazing songs you’ve simply missed. Or maybe, you’ll just end up listening again to a bunch of songs you’ve already heard an awful lot of times, if you enjoy the same artists that I do.

P.S.: yes, there’s a lot of A$AP Rocky’s stuff, deal with it.

Text by: Riccardo Primavera 

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