Design The eSports stadium in Toronto by Populous

The eSports stadium in Toronto by Populous

Emanuele D'Angelo

If you don’t know them or think eSports are just a passing phenomenon you are wrong, big time. The best definition of eSports is as follows: professional-level video game competitions.

The competitive video games are a market segment that lately is really depopulated, in 2020 the turnover came to about a billion and a half dollars. If you seem disproportionate figures are enough to know that those who win tournaments of a certain caliber are awarded prize money in excess of twenty million dollars.

Well, once you have understood what we are talking about you will not be surprised by the news that there are those who are thinking of building a stadium dedicated to these events and not only.

Architecture firm Populous has unveiled the first renderings of a 7,000-seat multi-purpose arena in Toronto, designed to also host music concerts and theater performances. There’s no date yet, but it could all be ready in 2025.

Made mostly of glass, what’s most striking is definitely its design, which straddles two worlds. In fact, it won’t look like a real stadium, but neither will it look like a theater, it will be more like something in between, the architects said.

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Waiting to see when everything will be realized, Toronto is a candidate as the capital of eSports, ready to attract some of the biggest events in the world. Here are all the photos.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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