Press at Work, Matteo Pressamariti’s new collection

Press at Work, Matteo Pressamariti’s new collection

Giulia Guido · 1 month ago · Style

We went to discover Press at Work, the new collection by Matteo Pressamariti, a young designer who, in addition to explaining it to us, told us about his career and told us about his future goals. Find out more in our interview! 

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you did before you started your brand. 

Press at Work Matteo Pressamariti |

I come from Imperia, in Liguria, a small provincial town, a very closed place where nobody talks about fashion. Despite this, however, you can get to do a job in this field. Personally, I got there thanks to my former girlfriend who informed me of the existence of the IED. So, after high school, I moved, enrolled and, after three years, I graduated with one of the best projects, parading to the final event. 
Later, while working for a shoe brand, I won a national competition that allowed seven guys to develop their own brand. So I started, I went around Italy looking for someone to produce my creations.

Unfortunately with the organizers, it didn’t go well, but by then I had already started everything well and I decided to continue alone and start the brand.
Today I’m in my third season.

We are here for the launch of your collection “Press at work”. Tell us what it is about and to what it means this name. 

More than a new collection, it is a project that has been going on for three seasons now. I started with the idea of making a leather shoe but giving it a more avant-garde face that a few years ago was going very well. The basic idea was inspired by the concept of work, but if in the beginning, it was that of the farmer, this time I was inspired by the work in the factory. 
In practice, I take inspiration from everything around me and a city like Milan, full of buildings and construction sites inspires me a lot.

With Press at Work, I wanted to make a younger project, going back to the ’90s and the first approach I had with design when I made up the mopeds trying to make them special. As a boy, I had a garage where I worked with all my friends and alongside my father did the hardware, working with aluminum. Aluminum is a recurrent material in my creations today, and for me, it is a symbol of manual work. I’m also inspired by the work shoes that have a steel toecap inside, that’s why I took this element outside. 
From the SS20 the collection has taken another point of view, focused on the reinterpretation of old shoes, taking the shapes of the 1930s and adapting them to modern ones, using materials such as nylon and leather. I wanted to play with these contrasts: the leather mixed with nylon, which meet and blend into my vision of shoe.

Press at Work Matteo Pressamariti |

It’s been over a year since your first “Mother Teresa” collection. Has anything changed since then? Your taste, your research or even your creative process? 

Certainly, for the better, I try to improve myself, to continue to learn anything. It is also a job that leads you to have many human relationships and teaches you how to manage them. 

You are 28 years old and you have been crowned by Vogue Italia one of the next big things in the sector. What advice would you give to all those who want to undertake or have already undertaken a path in the world of fashion? 

To only do this job if you’re in love with it. If not, I do not believe who can have the strength to go on every season because it is a job that changes you that you form and you have to be willing to change with him. Also because, in the field of fashion, staying on your own ideas is not the right move. 
The key is to be able to change over time. 

We are very curious to discover this collection, but we are also curious to know what your future projects will be and where you want to go. 

The goal is to establish me with an Italian footwear brand, like, for example, Diadora. 
In the future, I will continue this classic discourse by putting the sneakers and that world aside a bit, because although it’s a world that gives me the right stimuli to go on after a while you’re just bored of sneakers. 
Also, I’m a guy who always wants to do something different and that’s why my research is to look at everything that’s already there and do what’s missing.

Press at Work Matteo Pressamariti |


Press at Work, Matteo Pressamariti’s new collection
Press at Work, Matteo Pressamariti’s new collection
Press at Work, Matteo Pressamariti’s new collection
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Ciao Biella, the collection of One Block Down x FILA

Ciao Biella, the collection of One Block Down x FILA

Anna Cardaci · 1 month ago · 4640, Style

One Block Down, a retail reality recognized for a distinctive mix of nostalgic sportswear brands and contemporary lifestyle, in collaboration with FILA, the Italian brand from Biella, have created a capsule collection of clothing and footwear called “Ciao Biella“. This is not the first time that a retail store has collaborated with sports brands. Each garment was created to celebrate Italian sportswear. The name is a play on words between the way to say hello to “Ciao Bella” and the name of the city where FILA was born.

Ciao Biella | 1
Ciao Biella | 1

The shoes in the collection are the FILA DSTR 97 and have been designed in two different colors: white and black. The upper of each pair is divided into two halves: the lower one is made of leather with the logo FILA and the words “Ciao Biella” and the upper half is made of canvas with a leopard pattern. There are also a fender tab, two-tone laces and a sports sole that embellish the shoe. These two parts are divided by a strip in which the name of the sports brand is written several times.
As far as the clothing part is concerned, several items were produced, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, and anoraks. Each of these is in the same colors as black and white or leopard print – like the windbreaker. Obviously, the garments are also marked Ciao Biella.

The collection One Block Down x FILA “Ciao Biella” will be released on December 18, in exclusive One Block Down e-commerce and in the official stores of Milan and Rome.

Ciao Biella | 1
Ciao Biella | 1
Ciao Biella, the collection of One Block Down x FILA
Ciao Biella, the collection of One Block Down x FILA
Ciao Biella, the collection of One Block Down x FILA
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TENET, the new film by Christopher Nolan

TENET, the new film by Christopher Nolan

Giulia Guido · 4 weeks ago · Art

We’ve been waiting for him for three years, since the release of his latest film Dunkirk and now he’s finally here. Yesterday the official trailer of Christopher Nolan‘s latest pharaonic feat was released, which, as his films are used to, gave us an indescribable rush of adrenaline, but raised a thousand questions.

TENET, which will be released in cinemas on July 17, 2020, promises to be a scientific thriller in which there will be a good dose of action, a world conflict at the gates and the inevitable time swings to which Nolan has become accustomed.
Two international spies are sent out to stop ‘World War III’ at the hands of a mysterious threat, using the unique technology of time-reversal” so cites the officially released plot.

The two main characters are played by John David Washington and Robert Pattinson are joined by an exceptional cast including Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine, two veterans of Nolan’s films.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the afterlife.

TENET, the new film by Christopher Nolan
TENET, the new film by Christopher Nolan
TENET, the new film by Christopher Nolan
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Best of 2019 – Illustration

Best of 2019 – Illustration

Giulia Guido · 4 weeks ago · Art

We continue with the best of this year with an art form that is very close to our heart, the illustration. The choice turned out to be more difficult than expected, but we wanted to reward those artists who even with a single image have managed to excite us.

Erotic, dreamlike and surreal illustrations by Giulia Rosa

If there’s an illustrator who made us fall in love more than any other this year, it’s Giulia Rosa. Her works succeed in restoring two sides of nudity, the sensual and dreamlike and the erotic and passionate, all seen through a pink filter. 

The sweet and exciting illustrations of Dion

The young illustrator Dion manages to convey strong emotions to the viewer through the representation of surreal situations that arise from different moods such as loneliness, lack of something or someone. 

Catalin Gellen and his NSFW black and white illustrations

Eros is the protagonist of the minimal black and white illustrations of the Spanish illustrator Catalin Gellen. The thick black lines become essential parts of a story, allusive, explicit, but never vulgar. 

Marinel Sheu captures sunsets in his illustrations

Marinel Sheu, a young artist of Albanian origin who lives and works in Dublin, was inspired by the sunset, by its light that constantly changes hitting the facades of buildings and creeping into the houses, making him the absolute protagonist of his work. 

The Japanese illustrator who represents the feelings

He is called アボガド6, Avogado 6 sui social, and is a Japanese artist who with his illustrations goes to explore the deepest and most hidden emotions and moods. You will be amazed by how what you feel is perfectly represented on the paper. 

Criticism of current events in Marco Melgrati’s illustrations

Let’s go back to Italy with Marco Melgrati, who is above all capable of producing illustrations that are always linked to current events, telling in a critical and sarcastic way what happens every day before our eyes. 

Regards Coupables and the NSFW illustrations

This year Instagram has been an endless source of inspiration. Among the many profiles what struck us most was “Regard Coupables”, or “guilty glances”, a name behind which hides a French artist specializing in erotic illustration. 

A Week In Tokyo with Jola Bańkowska’s illustrations

We didn’t limit ourselves to static illustration, but went as far as the illustrated videos. Among these, A Week In Tokyo by Jona Bańkowska stands out. The series of images offer the viewer a tour of the Japanese capital, from the fish market to the sauna. 

Kelsey Smith lets us enter inside the rooms of her protagonists

Atlanta illustrator Kelsey Smith opens the doors of teenagers’ bedrooms to us, who through their objects, colours and furnishings can tell us about the personality of those who live in them. 

NSFW illustrations by Wishyouwerehere

We conclude our shortlist with the wonderful illustrations by WIshyouwerehere, author of NSFW works that talk about eroticism and the complexity of human relationships. Each element becomes useful to describe the emotions of the subjects. 

Best of 2019 – Illustration
Best of 2019 – Illustration
Best of 2019 – Illustration
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Memory Palace, the historically-themed exhibition by Es Devlin

Memory Palace, the historically-themed exhibition by Es Devlin

Anna Cardaci · 4 weeks ago · Art

Es Devlin, an artist and set designer from London, has created an immersive installation called “Memory Palace” in Pitzhanger – an English gallery – that explores the human perspective and the relationship we have with the memory. Those who visit the exhibition will be invited to take a path that touches the most important moments of history and that have made significant changes in the human perspective.

Memory Palace | 1

Memory Palace is, therefore, a detailed map that materializes memories of key events of the past. The exhibition space is more than 18 meters in size, where large mirrors are used to make the installation reflect on itself. This creates an immersive environment that allows the creation of a unique perspective.

In this historical 3D map, the starting point is the caves in southern Africa that contain the first known human drawings on the stone walls, going on until 1543 and the Frombork tower in Poland, where Coperinco designed the first heliocentric map of the universe and then until 2018 where Sweden is the protagonist of all the movements and protests for the climate promoted by the activist Greta Thunberg. In total, there are seventy-three epochal events present and the path follows a very vast time, of about seventy-three thousand years.

The work encourages ongoing collaboration and visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the landscape and reflect on the ever-evolving nature of human history and our place within it. Located in the former home of one of Britain’s most influential architects, Sir John Soan, the artist has also transformed the library of this remarkable building, filling the space with books that helped expand the installation.

Memory Palace | 1
Memory Palace, the historically-themed exhibition by Es Devlin
Memory Palace, the historically-themed exhibition by Es Devlin
Memory Palace, the historically-themed exhibition by Es Devlin
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