Style Puma and Coperni are keeping their partnership alive

Puma and Coperni are keeping their partnership alive

Anna Frattini

When Puma and Coperni introduced the 90SQR in January, a sculpted dress shoe designed to the specifications of a performance soccer shoe, it was just the beginning of one of the most intriguing collaborations. Now, the two brands present a special collection inspired by elite athletes’ uniforms. The launch campaign embodies themes dear to both brands: time and movement, showcasing the duality between stillness and motion. The Speedsuit, Bodysuit, Speed Dress, and Tights are integral parts of this collection, featuring fluid lines and elegant cuts for dynamic models influenced by Coperni’s markedly futuristic inspirations, looking ahead to the future of fashion.

Coperni’s innovation is especially evident in the jacquard nets, tactile hints of thermal transfer, and, paying attention to details, even the French flag, consistent with Coperni’s heritage. The colors include tones of white, black, and a vibrant yellow. This strongly resembles the first shoe drop. Accessories include a bag available in two sizes: the Medium Bag and the Small Bag, both with raised chrome plating. The shoe also nods to the world of Formula One, with the collaborative version of the Speedcat featuring a synthetic leather base in a low-profile silhouette covered by a structural cage, available in both white and black colorways.

Written by Anna Frattini
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