Design Rat Island, eco-resort by Jendretzki Design in New York

Rat Island, eco-resort by Jendretzki Design in New York

Claudia Fuggetti
Rat Island, l'eco-resort firmato Jendretzki Design a New York |

The American studio Jendretzki Design has recently released videos and images of Rat Island, an eco-resort project located on a private island off the Bronx district, which is part of the 44 that make up the New York archipelago. The unusual name of the project comes from local stories:

“The island was originally named Rattle Island, referring to rattles that the locals used to warn sailors about rocks”.

Just thirty minutes from Central Park, Rat Island is ideally located for building a luxury retreat in which to isolate yourself in nature, without straying too far from the metropolis. Nice, isn’t it? But that’s not all!

A large part of the resort has been designed to be very close to the water, and the large windows at each end of the cabins offer a view of the hinterland.

“There is a small canal penetrating through the island that was carved out of the rocks about 100 years ago that we incorporated into the design so that canoes and small boats can arrive directly under the main building on high tide”.

Jendretzki Design also said that the island will be carbon neutral, which is why the eco-resort will be equipped with solar, wind and rainwater harvesting. The cabins will be prefabricated off-site and then installed on the island.

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