Art “Reckless Action Effect”, artwork by Gola Hundun
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“Reckless Action Effect”, artwork by Gola Hundun

Emanuele D'Angelo

The first in a series of redevelopment projects in the Romagna town of Bellaria-Igea Marina has been completed.
The first to embellish the town of Rimini with his art was Gola Hundun with his artwork entitled “Reckless Action Effect”.

Gola Hundun is an artist born in ’82 who investigates the relationship between humanity and the biosphere. Very clear ideas from a young age, already at the age of twelve years began his work as a street artist, spending the days on the walls of his city, and then turn soon, from the age of fourteen, to an artistic activity aimed at illustrative and pictorial research.

The artwork for his hometown is a way to emphasize the connection between the world itself and human beings. An artwork that is a real denunciation for the way we treat the world we live in.
A bond undermined by problems that we all know well by now, such as deforestation, climate change, melting ice and ocean acidification.

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In “Reckless Action Effect” a coral reef is indeed depicted, filled with many different species of flora and fauna. Coral reefs, considered the most diverse and complex life forms, are in danger of losing their incredible colors due to pollution, but not only that.

The work, therefore, has a very deep meaning that goes beyond the beautiful colors of Gola Hundun, even the place chosen is not random.
In fact, where “Reckless Action Effect” is located, there used to be a coastal pine forest, which was eliminated to make room for the Tourist Office.

Now all you have to do is immerse yourself in the celestial hues of Gola Hundun and its very latest artwork.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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