Glade, Rick Owens’ home furniture series

9 September 2019

Rick Owens designs "Glade" under the creative guidance of Michele Lamy, which will be on display from September at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Rick Owens is back to the topic of his next and eagerly awaited exhibition, which will be hosted by the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London. The exhibition will be named after the series “Glade” and will see objects in sets for the home. The ten units that makeup Glade, plus two in Batipan plywood, will be covered with military blankets in French wool, both materials designed exclusively by Owens and a bed in the image or likeness of his personal.

The objects are presented as a unique piece, but each element of the series has its own stability and stands even if separated from the others. It is complete with individual lighting, internet, and phone charger.

The exhibition also features a collection of Prong aluminium stools, a new edition of the original curial chair and eight new Aztec crowns, chrome-plated in silver and black with a unique method, which give a small foretaste of Rick Owens’ next show, which will be on the catwalks in Paris at the end of September.

The production was also curated by Michele Lamy, – his wife and partner – the creative force behind this project. It will open its doors to the public from 16 September to 25 October.

Rick Owens presenterà Glade una serie di mobili per la casa |

Text by Elisa Scotti


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