Style The RANRA studio has reworked the Salomon Cross Pro

The RANRA studio has reworked the Salomon Cross Pro

Andrea Tuzio

RANRA, the London- and Reykjavík-based design studio specializing in outrwear designed and engineered for both urban and nature-related settings, has collaborated with Salomon on a surreal reimagining of the Cross Pro. 

For FW22 RANRA reworked the Salomon Cross Pro by highlighting natural materials and artisanal plant dyes, reducing conventional manufacturing processes.

Natural rubber, cork, and leather are combined with water-repellent Ventile cotton canvas to maintain high shoe performance. While the use of glues and adhesives has been eliminated in favor of construction methods associated with traditional footwear. The canvas for the upper is dyed with Icelandic Equisetum, hand-harvested in Urriðavatn, Iceland. Each plant was hand-harvested and prepared through traditional processes. The fabric was then hand-dyed by the design team in small batches to achieve unique variations in hue and texture, a hallmark of the natural dyeing process.

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The campaign, shot by Theo Sion, presents the shoe in a series of surreal scenarios that respond to the natural elements: earth, wind, fire and water, a humorous allusion to both the shoe’s raw materials and the imagery commonly associated with performance footwear. Alongside the campaign, a series of instructional “how to” videos, shot by videographer Fleming Mason, provide an overview of RANRA’s unique vegetable dyeing process.

The Salomon Cross Pro for RANRA will be available starting November 3 on Salomon’s webshop and at selected retailers.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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