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The soul of traditions in Sandra Paul

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Photographer Sandra Paul (1974) grew up among the scents and colors of Provence. It was here that he began his artistic journey and then continued in Italy, until settling in Rome. What distinguishes Sandra Paul’s photography is her unique gaze and her ability to capture moments lived with intensity. Her approach is sensory and instinctive, and this is clearly reflected in her works.

One of Sandra’s most significant projects is the series “Processions“. When she moved to Italy, she was fascinated by religious processions, an important aspect of Italian culture. These events represent a unique mix of devotion, tradition and community. The photographer then undertook an exciting photographic research on the often secular rituals and traditions that unite people in ritual gestures. Sandra Paul’s “Processions” series is an emotional experience that reflects not only faith, but also a strong sense of belonging to a community. Through her photographs, Sandra captures the magic and emotions of these special moments, conveying to the public the positive energy and pathos that permeate these rituals.

His images take viewers on a unique journey through Italian traditions, paying tribute to the devotion of people and celebrating the sacredness of religious ceremonies. Even those who participate as a simple observer can perceive the strength and intensity of these moments thanks to the art of Sandra Paul. In an increasingly fast and digitalized world, Sandra Paul’s photographs remind us of the beauty and depth of human traditions. Her street photography makes us reflect on the importance of connecting with our past and sharing the experiences that bind us as a community.

Sandra Paul will be part of Photography at Fondazione Matalon in Milano from 22 to 24 September 2023.

Courtesy Sandra Paul

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