Design Santa Eulàlia de Gironella, the church transformed into a space for the arts

Santa Eulàlia de Gironella, the church transformed into a space for the arts

Emanuele D'Angelo

The municipality of Gironella, a small city in Catalonia, has activated a program of recovery of buildings, among them is the old church of Santa Eulàlia de Gironella, built mid-fourteenth century.

During its six centuries of history it has undergone countless changes, but in recent years the church was in a state of abandonment, so much so that since 2016 the church has remained unused.
To preserve this immense heritage, the municipality has seen fit to entrust its renovation to Carles Enrich Studio.

In fact, the study started from the old renovations with the intention not to erase them, but to enhance them as a sequence of layers, so as not to forget the history and the past.

The architects of Carles Enrich Studio made three substantial changes to the building, the first was to widen the central nave, giving it more space.

The second is having replaced the underfloor heating system, which was not very effective, with an air renewal system designed to push warm air from the floor through a grille that borders the wood flooring in the central area.

The third substantial modification concerns the external facade that has been completely changed to allow a better entry of light during the day. But also to have a new vision of the church that seems an extension of the urban landscape.

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The old church of Santa Eulàlia de Gironella will now become a place that will host cultural activities related to the performing arts, in particular dance, music and poetry.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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