Selfies that are turned into gravel by panGenerator

7 March 2018

The design collective, panGenerator, has created an installation, hash2ash, to describe what will happen to the art of selfie and technology in the future.

They probably are a big dose of self confidence with the right light and filters, but besides those moments of beauty, what selfies give us?

A similar consideration is at the base of the installation of the design collective panGeneratorhash2ash – everything saved will be lost, realized for the Nation Museum of Etnography of Warsaw during their exhibition TEEN CHANGE.

Visitors are invited to send a selfie to the installation’s website and in few moment they will see it turned into gravel.

It has no essence, no consistent form, it seems just a mass without significance, the destiny, that, according to the collective, is what technology and the practice of taking photos of ourself will face. As the title suggests, everything that we save is destined to oblivion, to that inconsistent mass of gravel that with their installation we can make slip among our hands like our memories of beauty.


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