Design Shepherd Studio designs a giant inflatable for Notre Dame

Shepherd Studio designs a giant inflatable for Notre Dame

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The french senate decided to rebuild Notre Dame cathedral to its “last known visual state”, but the Shepherd Studio conceptually developed a possible temporary reconstruction of the cathedral.

The proposal is entitled “Divine Intervention” and includes a huge protective layer in the form of an inflatable balloon, which would rest on the mammoth Gothic monument that, obviusly, would not be a permanent solution. The floating giant would take flight at night and descend during the day.

Shepherd Studio’s vision strongly contrasts with the surrounding context. The balloon takes the original shape of the structure and becomes a fantastic inflatable, sitting on top of the prestigious cathedral.

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Shepherd Studio is a multi-service design studio, which aims to provide creative schemes ranging from architectural, spatial, digital and product design. The method of the same, provides a transdisciplinary way of thinking, in research to actualize the possibilities of human imagination through an analytical, rational and logical investigation. The studio also worked on a series of residential, social and cultural development projects between Bahrain and the UK.

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