Art Shimmer, the resting place surrounded by nature

Shimmer, the resting place surrounded by nature

Giulia Guido

In northeastern Greece, just over 30 minutes from the coast, there is a small town called Drama. Just outside the city center, Raycap, an international company specializing in the production of electrical equipment, has one of its headquarters. Right here, among the company’s various buildings, where trees and various plants have been planted, the architecture firm Kois Associated designed Shimmer, a perfect place to enjoy a lunch break outdoors and surrounded by nature. 

While the architects were looking for the appropriate site where to develop their project, they noticed an area between the buildings, which over time has become a favorite place for employees to spend their breaks, especially during the summer season. 

Studying the employees’ habits and being inspired by the slightly hilly and undulating terrain, they designed a covered refreshment area divided into two areas, one outdoors and one indoors. 

The peculiarity of Shimmer is that the roof made of a thin sheet, almost invisible to the eye, and the choice to use only large windows to create an enclosed space allows having an almost non-existent impact on the surrounding nature. The pride and joy of the project is the closed room, literally dug under a small natural hillock covered with grass. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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