Photography Francesco Saverio Lopazio photographs essences and ordinary things

Francesco Saverio Lopazio photographs essences and ordinary things

Giorgia Massari
Francesco Saverio Lopazio |

The travels in Europe that photographer Francesco Saverio Lopazio (Ascoli Piceno, 1993) makes in recent years stimulate him to work on a language focused on street and urban photography, with a conceptual twist. Lopazio’s shots focus on documenting the life of a place and human emotions, such as one of his first works with a photojournalistic slant titled Estrangement (2017) in which he documents the condition of migrants in the Marche’s reception centers. His research then focused more and more on the analysis of the relationship between man and territory.

His photographs present a harmonious composition, in which organized research and attention to detail are evident. In Francesco Saverio Lopazio’s works, the subject is easily recognizable but at the same time does not dominate the composition, dialoguing in accordance with the surrounding environment. An example of this is the mise-en-scene photograph in which the protagonists are two bare legs emerging from a series of red velvet armchairs. The atypical situation makes the work almost surreal, but the balance of the shot creates a visual normalization.

A defining element of Francesco Saverio Lopazio’s photographs is the search for essence, most evident in his more dynamic shots, which presuppose movement of the subject, the environment or the artist himself. Geese taking flight at sunset, the shepherd Giorgio is at work with his sheep, mountains sprout from a car window.

In every photo, essentially, there are two different parts, reality and truth, the essence. The reality is the elements that make up a photograph such as roads, subjects, urban or natural elements, but the essence is what engages and affects me in an image. And this feeling is different for everyone, but it provokes emotions because it works on memories, life experiences and identities.” – says the photographer.

The same essence can be perceived in the shots of the Souls in Isolation series, where he investigates the sense of isolation and bewilderment caused by the pandemic, with a style that approaches film photography. Francesco Saverio Lopazio’s photographs will be exhibited at the group exhibition ImageNation in New York, March 10-12, 2023 and curated by Martin Vegas.

Written by Giorgia Massari
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