Art Simone Brillarelli’s intimate dialogues on display in Milan

Simone Brillarelli’s intimate dialogues on display in Milan

Giorgia Massari

Intimo e Manifesto is the title of the first solo exhibition in Milan by artist Simone Brillarelli, which will open on Thursday, October 12th, at the Il Vicolo gallery. In his debut collaboration with Il Vicolo, the artist aimed to provide a comprehensive view of his work, creating canvases of various sizes, drawings, and ceramics specifically for the gallery. The title of the exhibition represents, for Brillarelli, the meeting point between the private and the public, where the images become true intimate dialogues, excerpts of thoughts, and explorations of inner feelings. These works invite the viewer to reconstruct the stories, make them their own, empathize, and become a part of them.

Brillarelli’s art is profoundly instinctive and gestural, characterized by bold brushstrokes, repetitive marks, and small details that engage the viewer in a tactile connection with the materials and emotions. Suffering, joy, meditation, sexuality, nature, and humor all contribute to making his art a liberating and therapeutic act. Animals become symbols of the rawest human behaviors and fears, while plants and flowers serve as the gardens of the soul, filled with love, disappointment, plenitude, sensuality, and provocation. Notes and thoughts punctuate the figures; sometimes, they unveil them, other times they accompany them, describing them. The sensation is one of unfinished work, where each image is in continuous evolution and mutation, where the informal and formal, abstraction and figuration, intimate and manifest, engage in a dialogue, awaiting answers.

Courtesy Simone Brillarelli & Il Vicolo

Written by Giorgia Massari
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