Photography The simple and familiar photography by Lauren Bamford
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The simple and familiar photography by Lauren Bamford

Federica Cimorelli
Lauren Bamford |

Lauren Bamford is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in still life, travel and documentary photography – both editorial and commercial. Her shots combine simple, familiar subjects with eye-catching colour palettes and are the result of careful work on atmosphere and compositions.

Her personal style, discreet and humble, mixes instinct and reason. Lauren Bamford in fact, places great importance on natural light, but when it cannot be used for the image, she reconstructs and artificially imitates it as much as possible.
Design objects, food, people, details are the protagonists of her photographs, they are collections of interesting things put together with harmony and balance.

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See a selection of her shots here, follow her on Instagram and visit her personal website.

Photographyphotographystill life
Written by Federica Cimorelli
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