Design In Milan, there’s a tiny gallery

In Milan, there’s a tiny gallery

Anna Frattini

In Corso di Porta Vittoria, in the center of Milan, there is a 7-square-meter gallery that dedicates its research to contemporary visual culture and the world of design. The name is quite significant: Small Small Space. It’s a curious place known for its extremely compact spaces and exhibition solutions that are certainly unconventional and unprecedented. Born this year from an idea by Michele Foti, the exhibitions, curated in collaboration with Layuhl Jang, all have an international scope and focus on cross-cutting narratives. Another intriguing feature is the possibility to view the exhibitions both from outside and by appointment to enter the space.

The goal of Small Small Space is to literally bring its audience closer to the world of contemporary photography and everything related to it. This is achieved with the support of a wide selection of books, prints, and design objects, thanks to collaborations with bookshops, magazines, and publishing houses. It’s a hybrid space, situated at the intersection of a gallery and a project space, where closely related disciplines come together, finding a space for research and in-depth exploration through contamination.

The space opened its doors to the public in May 2023 with an exhibition dedicated to the first issue of Parklife, an independent publication edited by Continente Editions and curated by Paola Ristoldo and Alessandro Furchino Capria. In October 2023, it inaugurated Golfi verdi e parquet Panga Panga. Milano San Felice curated by Elisa Di Nofa and Francesco Paleari, a genuine exploration of the Milan neighborhood that we have already discussed here. In short, it’s a space that hosts interesting projects and will continue to do so with cross-cutting projects spanning photography, art, design, and fashion.

ph. courtesy Federico Torra, Marcello Maranzan, Giacomo Colombo

Written by Anna Frattini
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