So Close, at the Armory Show a new JR’ installation

8 March 2018

The multifaceted French artist JR participates in the New York Armory Show with So Close, a new huge installation for refugees.

It’s only been two days since the last time we spoke about JR, the multifaceted French artist who becomes more and more one of the pillars of contemporary public art.
But, set asides the Oscars, for which he was competing with the documentary Visage Villages, he started talking again about his political opinion with the new edition of the New York Armory Show, inaugurated today, Thursday 8 March.

His huge installations are back and they return with two of the themes he cares about the most, global immigration policies and all the issues related to the refugee crisis.
After having fought against Trump’s policies with Kikito and Giant Picnic, it’s now the turn of So Close, a project with which he retraces the journey he made in 2017 in a Jordan refugee camp, through the faces of the people who are experiencing the drama of the Syrian war.

The giant images will be fixed on the exhibition entrance wall until March 11th, to be immediately visible to all the visitors.

So Close is also strongly tied to another of his most famous works,”Unframed“, conceived by the artist in 2014 for Ellis Island, a place that in the 20th century was a symbol of new life for all those people who had crossed the sea to reach it and start again.

So Close, JR | 1 So Close, JR | 3

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