Music From “Solo” to “Insieme”, interview with Ceri

From “Solo” to “Insieme”, interview with Ceri

Emanuele D'Angelo
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After “Solo”, Ceri, one of the most innovative and influential producers of the moment, last Friday just for his birthday, presented his second chapter “Insieme”.

“In these two records, I wanted to talk about the necessity of learning to be alone and how to know how to do things together with others. I think those two states are necessarily connected and complement each other.”

Unlike the first, however, in “Together” there are many famous guests, to embellish his latest effort Ceri has called at his side Coez, Franco126, Crookers, Geneva, Colombre and See Maw.
A deliberate choice, dictated by the desire to work with many different people and look at the music through the eyes and the sensitivity of these six artists.

With some of them, he had already collaborated and continues to do so today, while with Ginevra and Colombre it was the first time ever. The result is 7 unique tracks, delicate but also lively, 25 minutes in total in which Stefano has managed to combine the beauty of Italian melody and the rhythmic energy of club music.

“In a world that seems to distance us from each other, at a time when many people tend to close themselves off in their personal convictions by becoming jealous of their own ideas, I have seen how much energy and what results can be achieved by setting aside the ego and joining forces. For this reason I felt the need to talk about all this and to do it in company. Because maybe, after all, only together can we be…”

We can therefore say that “Insieme” his second EP and is the natural consequence of “Solo”, the first, in which Ceri has found a balance. A balance that is born from the meeting of a complex alternation of climbs and descents that, dancing with each other, furrow the air and reach our ears, straight to our hearts. We had a lovely chat with him to explain in detail this complex new work of his.

It’s not every day you get an EP for the day of your birthday, can you explain how your new work “Insieme” was born?

Well yes, the EP was released on my birthday but it was a bit of a gag, we can say that it was accidental because I did not know when to announce it, the 26th was perfect and we tied the two things that coincided. But the EP was born long before, exactly from my first EP, “Solo”, made with the idea that after there would be “Insieme”.So it’s all a path that maybe is not finished yet, it’s stuff that comes from afar. Then the realization is not linear, there are many obstacles, many difficulties in being able to make two connected EPs. But it’s also nice to do things, to face difficulties and be able to overcome them.

Another curiosity, as an external spectator, I think that making an album or building work like yours is much more complicated for a producer than for an artist. Let’s take the case of OBE (just to give an example, it’s not a comparison), one of the last albums released. For a producer, it’s a different job, because he has to deal with more people, not like for the artist who maybe is alone and goes straight on his way. Can we say that it’s a harder task?

Yes, it is more difficult. However, when a producer makes a record, he doesn’t have something like a voice, which is super recognizable in all the tracks, it’s much more difficult to be recognized with your sound, with your ideas of music. Clearly Frah Quintale for example you recognize him, you recognize immediately his voice that is different from Franco126 or any other. While this is actually a different thing, more complex that pushes you to have to think of other things. And then it is also complex to put more people together, if we think back to Mace’s record, there are a lot of featuring, in fact I think he was working on it for a long time. I have made pieces with one person, but if you have more artists for a track, maybe one of them likes something more, while another one does not agree. We have to say that it’s a mess objectively. As I said before, this is also the great thing, but even I may have encountered difficulties, someone with whom I was working didn’t agree with something so you have to go back. But it’s a part of the game and maybe it’s the fun part and at the end of the day you know it can be challenging to have to solve some situations. So you have to figure out how to do it and be able to work as a team and not just stay in your position or you can’t do a job like that.

Taking a step back in time, in 2019 in “Solo” there was no one present, now in “Insieme” we have seen you with several artists. We know that with some of them you actively collaborate like with Coez or Franco126, but beyond that how did you choose all of them? And then, going back to what we were talking about before, how did you manage to convince them? Colombre, for example, is the first time we hear him under this new guise, more electronic we can say.

So convincing them wasn’t difficult, I asked and they all said yes, maybe the most difficult to convince was Coez. Because we had done the piece, but we had not said that it was for my EP. He made that piece and then it was difficult to understand if it could be part of Insieme or not. It was the one with the most indecision, because it is actually a very different piece from Silvano’s usual ones. Then all the others went smoothly, choosing him was almost natural. I was obsessed with Colombre, I wanted to make a piece with a straight bass drum but with someone flying on it, just like Colombre does, he sings flying and it was something I wanted to do for a long time. About Ginevra, when I listened to her EP for the first time, I said “fuck she’s so strong”, perfect for this piece. But also with Simone, we make similar music with him we can say and it seemed cool to do a track together since we are from the same label. I didn’t look at the numbers or who I should do the piece with, I just thought these are perfect for the music I want to make and so it was a musical choice in the end and what I wanted to say.

On the other hand, always in “Solo” but also in “Insieme”, everything opens with more danceable pieces, animated so to speak, then they end with more quiet and relaxed pieces. Is it all studied, wanted or are they just simple coincidences?

Actually, Solo closes with an instrumental piece in a straight bass drum, which is quite heavy. But it’s true that you might be referring to “Guai”, which is a bit more of a slow song. Then actually there is, I am intrigued with these things, also of symmetries, numbers. So there’s a whole thing even with the titles, the slow of this is just once I refer to the title “Solo”. There is also a choice of this kind, to cross tracklists give a continuity not only of titles and music but also of this stuff a little more intrigued. Like for example the last track that always takes up the title of the EP, these are things I like, having these symmetries.

Here you’ve got the next question right, isn’t it all a coincidence that the EP opens with “Facile” and closes with “Insieme”?

Exactly, it’s also luck if you put “Insieme” at the end, but it didn’t make sense. Any way you make the tracklists also so that the listener can listen to everything in a row without touching anything and so that everything makes sense. So there’s a more cerebral work under this point of view, to fit these two tracklists in a way that seemed somehow specular, but it’s also luck, because in the production phase I didn’t think about this, I do it this way in order to make it fit. But as all the process in the end, there is a basic idea but then it’s not sure that it comes as you thought and you have to know how to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from mistakes and inaccuracies and turn them into something stronger.

We arrived at the end, we leave you so, if you can tell us clearly, what will come after “Insieme”, if there will be an after both in your solo projects and not.

There will be something for sure, oh god let’s not spoil anything, but I can say that there will be very cool stuff. There are, there are, we’ll get there, there could also be something different, maybe not the continuation of what has been done so far, I can tell you that.
Then in the fall, I worked a lot, like a madman and so now slowly many things will see the light in the coming months, from Franco’s album that has already announced. In this period, when I couldn’t go out, I locked myself in the studio and I did a lot of things that I can’t wait to see them come out. “Insieme” was kind of the first thing, from now on it’s on….

Photo credits: Karim Andreotti

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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