Art SOLUZIONI Festival arrives in January, featuring art and live performance
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SOLUZIONI Festival arrives in January, featuring art and live performance

Giulia Guido

What might the world be like in 2050 and the people who inhabit it? Can we only imagine negative futures or do we think we can also imagine utopias in 2050? What “SOLUTIONS” would we find to live the everyday life they imagine? These are some of the questions that gave rise to the first volume of a new event for artists of all disciplines: the SOLUZIONI Festival

Born from an idea of Grage 80 and with the collaboration of Stasis and Toco Coworking, SOLUZIONI Festival involved some artists from the national scene who were asked to give their own vision of the future through the creation of a poster and a survival kit. 

Once they have given vent to their fantasy and imagination, all the works produced by the artists will be exhibited at Toco Coworking in Via Montanaro, 44 in Turin from 19 to 22 January 2022.  

Intrigued by this new initiative, we asked Roberto Gentili and Edoardo, representing Garage 80 and Stasis respectively, a couple of questions. Read on to find out what they told us about SOLUZIONI Festival. 

How was SOLUZIONI born? What is the aim of this festival?

SOLUZIONI was born out of a need, like all good things. The need to create an independent artistic container capable of bringing together different artists from the world of contemporary art. An experimental place where artists can express themselves freely, combining different skills of the visual arts. SOLUZIONI was born through a strong synergy created over time between Garage 80 and Stasis, an artistic hub in the Turin area known for audiovisual and cultural events in Barriera di Milano, based in the Toco Coworking space.

SOLUZIONI’s aim is to create an independent festival, aimed at reincarnating liminal spaces. An “open studio” capable of creating empathy and sincerity with the public that aims to spread the underground culture of visual arts, very often relegated to more commercial uses. 

SOLUZIONI wants to ask real questions, related to issues that, in these last years of global crisis, prevent us from projecting ourselves into the future.  Questions such as: Are we able to imagine utopias or only dystopian futures? What will be the new artistic frontiers and the role they will play in the creation of a post-pandemic culture?

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Beppe Conti

Tell us about the artists involved. Who will be participating in this edition of SOLUTIONS? 

The call was answered by artists who have a common background and mentality that is quite in line with the ideas of SOLUTIONS. They are people we respect both on a human and professional level, and for us it is a source of stimulation and growth to work together. They are professionals who come from different worlds, from illustration to graphics, from street art to vj sets, from musicians to DJs, to the poetry slam. For us, this means inclusion!  

The programme we have put together is full of events: starting with the collective exhibition involving 8 artists and illustrators such as Luca Ledda, Michele Guidarini, Abel Bael, Fra design, Marte Giunipero, The Great Paper Massacre, Beppe Conti, Roberto Gentili who have been asked to reinterpret the concept of the future. 

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Luca Ledda

We will have special guests such as the performance by Mattia SIlano aka Matthew White, accompanied by Matteo Cozzo aka The Great Paper Massacre, in an artistic dualism characterized by raw aesthetics and Lo -Fi. From the live painting of Alice Lotti, who will find herself immersed in a digital environment thanks to the visual samples of Turin designer Virginia Toffetti aka INGRID; to the geometries of Abel Bael, also digitized by the Highfiles collective, respectively Tommaso Rinaldi and Riccardo Loira Aja Akasha, two Turin-based visual designers with Stasis roots, who share a digital abstractionism influenced by post-internet aesthetics. Finally, there will also be the poetic incursions of Alessandro Burbank, accompanied by the experimental sounds of Andrea Cauduro. 

The event will feature the electronic sounds of Sonambient and Corgiat, producers from Turin, from electronic music and techno, and the experimental live performance of the musical project by Claudio Lorusso, a singer-songwriter from Turin, also influenced by electronic music. 

Since that is the theme of this edition, we are also asking you: What might the world be like in 2050 and what might the people in it be like?

Our imagination has already taken us a long way in describing what the future will be like, it is clear when we hear of yet another environmental disaster, focusing on it with a bit of resignation we feel powerless in the face of crises that are ever wider. The point, however, is that this image cannot be overwhelmed only by images of the end of the world, it must be an engine for the reality we want. 

For this reason, the future we imagine is not made up of great utopias either, we do not claim to change the world and its people, we just want to give an extra moment to think about our everyday life, about those small gestures that will also be there in the future and make up an infinite color scale between the end of everything and the impossible. Perhaps, to answer the question we are asking, in 2050 one thing we would like to imagine could be a freer, more convivial, more everyday culture of art.

Fra Design
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Written by Giulia Guido
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