Art Squid Game is also a style phenomenon

Squid Game is also a style phenomenon

Tommaso Berra
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We can easily spare these first few introduction lines to explain what Squid Game is. Or how it has become a cultural phenomenon in just a few days, the basis for passionate conversations and a memes maker.
Among the reasons that are determining the success of what Ted Sarandos – the co-CEO of Netflix – thinks could become “our greatest series ever”, there is also a strong aesthetic characterization.
Retro tracksuits, squeaky magenta boilersuits, masks, the relaunch of clean sneakers such as slip-ons and the set of symbols that make Squid Game also a moment of style, as evidenced by the data published by Lyst these days. In fact, Vogue Business reports an increase of +97% for suits in British Racing Green (a requested color with +130%), +62% for red boilersuits and even +145% for white slip-ons, especially Vans.

Squid Game |

The success of Squid Game’s style comes on the heels of the success in the West of K-pop culture, with BTS on the radio alongside one of the more Western-generalist groups like Coldplay.
Other reason the series right now is a thing for fashion, comes from the growing trend of survivalist style, which grew up during the pandemic as an opposition to vain dressing. Even the numbered white T-shirts featured in the film, part prison and part despotic world in which humans are coded, have experienced a +35% increase in online searches.
As a further consequence of the fortune of Squid Game is the success of its actors, in particular Ho Yeon Jung (Kang Sae-byeok in the series), a former model but now the new Louis Vuitton’s ambassador.

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This is certainly not the first time that TV series have influenced and directed fashion. Among the most recent, Bridgerton has made many people think about buying dresses for palace balls that we will never attend, The Queen’s Gambit has relaunched the bob cut and even launched the careers of future chess Grand Masters.
While waiting for season two, apparently already in the works, all that’s left is to take inspiration from Squid Game costumes, perhaps for a spooky Halloween outfit.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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