Style Stacy Kranitz shot Magliano’s latest campaign

Stacy Kranitz shot Magliano’s latest campaign

Anna Frattini

Magliano has chosen Stacy Kranitz, a documentary photographer, to narrate Spring/Summer 2024 in the Po Delta, in Emilia Romagna, a region the designer has already depicted on several occasions. There are the riverine suggestions, abandoned industrial areas, and Magliano’s need to tell the story of its land and a less obvious Italy, off the radar. The characters of Magliano – as usual, children of our time – are solitary agents, immersed in a provincial life that we often decide to set aside.

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«Stroked by stagnant winds, the river Po works as spine of a valley that slowly becomes coast, that slowly becomes sea»is part of the text accompanying the campaign, also serving as an introduction to the territory for those unfamiliar with the suggestions of the Emilia-Romagna coast. But still, «[…] Together they sigh at the very dawn and dusk of days. Below sea levels, time creases its land with deep furrows of groves and smirks. But when time hides – who dares to move, who dares to seek… Not I, Not me» concludes the poem that tells of a little-known land but made of sweat and immobility.

The Cinematic Power of Stacey Kranitz for Magliano

Half-empty nightclubs, nocturnal woods, and an uncommon point of view. After all, Magliano has been nourishing itself with these provincial imaginaries for years, always standing out from the crowd. This started with the Wardrobe for the In Love Man in 2018, with its debut at Pitti Uomo. This is Stacy Kranitz’s first fashion campaign and here she clearly shows the desire to narrate in a direct and undoubtedly cinematic way a wardrobe that goes beyond mere clothing.

Looking at the campaign photos taken by Kranitz, we are faced with a remote atmosphere. Real «extra-urban universes of the northern coast of Emilia Romagna,» as stated in the press release. The process follows what the photographer implements where she lives, in Tennessee, examining the collision between identity and environment in her community. The provincial and vernacular component of these shots remains the most fascinating and sparkling aspect of this collection, albeit in contradiction with the spirit of the place.

Written by Anna Frattini
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