Art The street art of Fabio Petani combines chemistry and nature
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The street art of Fabio Petani combines chemistry and nature

Federica Cimorelli

Piedmontese street artist Fabio Petani has just completed his latest artwork. The work is part of the StreetArtBall project, an urban regeneration initiative set up in Bergamo to give new life to old basketball courts. His work is entitled “Carbon Dioxide & Calathea Makoyana“, and is located in the municipality of Gorle, in Lombardy.

For those who don’t yet know him, Fabio Petani is known for a particular project, a challenge that involves him in reconstructing the periodic table through street artworks. Each of his creations is in fact entitled with a chemical element and accompanied by the name of a plant. Paired specifically to link environment, matter and space, the terms chosen allow the artist to recount the alchemy that exists between art, chemistry and nature.

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Carbon Dioxide & Calathea Makoyana” fuses carbon dioxide with a purifying plant that transforms harmful substances in the air into oxygen. It is a work rich in lines, shapes and soft colors, attentive to the environment and the context in which it lives.

Check out images from the project here and follow the artist on Instagram and on his personal website so you don’t miss out on his upcoming work.

Artstreet arturban art
Written by Federica Cimorelli
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