Style Stüssy celebrates 40 years with a special capsule collection

Stüssy celebrates 40 years with a special capsule collection

Andrea Tuzio

To mark the 40th anniversary, Stüssy presented a limited edition capsule collection celebrating its legacy, including a varsity jacket, T-shirt and ring.

The IST varsity jacket is a classic of the brand founded by Shawn Stüssy in 1980 and for this important anniversary is proposed again with the historic patch International Stüssy Tribe 8-Ball Globe on the back and on the front the embroidered phrase “Earth in the corner pocket”. A further peculiarity is that when it will be purchased in the brand flagship or from Dover Street Market, on the right front of the jacket will be embroidered the name of the city where it was purchased, while in case you buy it on the site the varsity jacket will be marked by the embroidery “NY.L.T.LA”

The T-shirt, proposed in white, was designed by Cali Thornhill Dewitt and Tremaine Emory with graphics that invite unity and the fight against racism.

To complete the offer of this capsule collection we find a gold plated silver ring with the Venus of Botticelli and inside the inscription “FOURTY YEARS” while outside we find the engravings “Stüssy 1980” and “Tribe 2020”.

The limited-edition capsule collection for Stüssy’s 40th anniversary will be available from October 30th on the Stüssy webstore, at Chapter Store and Dover Street Market.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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