“S U P E R – S P A C E”, the latest work by Giulio Vesprini

“S U P E R – S P A C E”, the latest work by Giulio Vesprini

Giulia Guido · 1 year ago · Art

After almost three months of stopping, the street artists are reappropriating the streets again and among them, there is Giulio Vesprini, an all-round Italian artist, able to move from graphics to illustration, from painting to street art, from photography to architecture excelling in each of these disciplines. His first project after the lockdown aims precisely to redevelop an area of Cascinare, a small hamlet of Sant’Elpidio a Mare, near its Civitanova Marche, inviting citizens to return to play and spend time outdoors. 

The work calls “S U P E R – S P A C E” and covers the entire surface of a small field on which red and blue blend through lines and shapes, becoming a symbol of unity and cohesion. Besides representing a sort of connection, Giulio Vesprini’s work is the emblem of a return to normality and, precisely for this reason, it goes to celebrate the meeting place par excellence, where culture, sport and nature come together. 

Giulio Vesprini’s work is an invitation to go out, to abandon the screens and video calls that in recent months have become daily bread, and to resume the real meeting spaces, which cannot be replaced.

Discover below “S U P E R – S P A C E” and to learn more about Giulio Vesprini’s art visit his website and his Instagram profile

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? Z O O M Oggi vi racconto la prima storia, dedicata al calcio, prossimamente quella dedicata alla pallacanestro…per questo mio ultimo lavoro. Volano i droni sopra il #playground Una delle foto a cui tengo particolarmente è questa…disteso tra i colori della superficie dipinta. Oltre a rappresentare una scala di rapporti precisa tra me e la grande area interessata, c'è l'abbraccio alla storia dei luoghi che scopro ogni volta grazie a questa meravigliosa disciplina legata agli spazi urbani. Due colori: Rosso e Blu. Molti di voi sanno che nelle mie opere questi due colori spesso dialogano nelle forme più o meno astratte e diluendosi nelle varie tonalità generano delle emozioni, una sorta di arte introspettiva. Durante le settimane di lavoro sulla piastra polivalente ho ascoltato tante storie, molte persone sono passate a vedere i progressi, una su tutte si è soffermata sulla scelta dei colori nata come omaggio geografico alla frazione di Cascinare che guarda il mare dal suo versante ma anche come memoria sportiva per una piccolissima comunità. Mai come in questo caso però i due colori si intersecano in una storia più profonda, nelle radici di un paese dove i ragazzi dell'immediato dopoguerra giocavano con un pallone fatto di stracci. Ho approfondito, sono stato messo in contatto con Nazzareno Lucidi conoscitore della storia sportiva del luogo, con estrema gentilezza mi fornisce alcuni testi, una cronologia di fatti che non lascia più nessun dubbio, quei colori non sono, quei colori appartengono, l'inconscio è l'invisibile che governa e guida la maggior parte delle nostre scelte, il Rosso e il Blu nelle infinite sfumature della vita…qui sotto un breve passaggio dei testi storici recupetarati: "…INSIEME NEL ’68 INCOMINCIANO A CERCARE GIOCATORI CHE ADERISSERO AL PROGETTO CASCINARE E INCOMINCIARONO ANCHE A CERCARE I COMPLETI PER GIOCARE CHIEDENDO LE MAGLIE AL CONTE CARLO SABATUCCI FRISCIOTTI STENDARDI DELLA CIVITANOVESE CALCIO CHE GENEROSAMENTE DONA ALLA NASCENTE SOCIETA’ SPORTIVA DUE MUTE COMPLETE DI ABBIGLIAMENTO SPORTIVO DI COLORE ROSSOBLU…" @giorgio_videomaker @giuliagraz_ @alessiopignotti81 #streetart #designinspiration #urbanartchannel

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“S U P E R – S P A C E”, the latest work by Giulio Vesprini
“S U P E R – S P A C E”, the latest work by Giulio Vesprini
“S U P E R – S P A C E”, the latest work by Giulio Vesprini
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The sensual and analogue photography of Chantal Convertini

The sensual and analogue photography of Chantal Convertini

Giulia Guido · 2 days ago · Photography

We were immediately captivated by the beauty of Chantal Convertini‘s shots. 

Sensual, delicate and intimate. 

Chantal Convertini is a 28-year-old girl who approached photography almost by chance and only later decided to turn this great passion into a job. Like many other photographers, the first approach she had with photography was through digital. Then, later, four years ago, she also approached the world of analog. This led Chantal Convertini to know how to juggle the two techniques very well, preferring analog for her personal projects. 

The protagonists of her shots are two, the light and the bodies of young women. 

The light is almost always natural, which lightens the interiors of houses and bedrooms slightly. Sometimes her photographs are illuminated by just a few rays of sunshine that penetrates between the slits of closed shutters and blinds. These rays rest on the naked bodies and faces of her subjects, often female, as in the series A feminine view on femininity, in which Chantal Convertini gives her personal vision of the female universe. 

Often, however, she puts herself in front of the lens, creating fantastic selfportraits, intimate and personal. 

Below you can find a selection of her shots, to find out more go to her website, her Instagram profile and her Patreon profile, where you can also support her financially.  

The sensual and analogue photography of Chantal Convertini
The sensual and analogue photography of Chantal Convertini
The sensual and analogue photography of Chantal Convertini
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Contemporary photography comes to Bologna with PhMuseum Days

Contemporary photography comes to Bologna with PhMuseum Days

Giulia Guido · 1 day ago · Photography

PhMuseum was founded in 2012 as the first online museum dedicated to contemporary photography with the aim of offering a space accessible to everyone from everywhere that would promote visual culture. Over the years PhMuseum has organised various activities and initiatives, from photography courses to training programmes and high-level masterclasses. This year it wanted to go even bigger, abandoning its digital form for a while and becoming a physical event.

From 23 to 26 September, in fact, the Binario Centrale of Bologna’s DumBo will host the first edition of the international photography festival PhMuseum Days.

The theme chosen for this first edition is A New Beginning and it perfectly fits both the historical moment we are living and the new decade that has just begun and because the event represents a new adventure for PhMuseum.

The 4-day programme includes individual exhibitions, a collective installation, workshops, portfolio reviews, screenings, performances and a space dedicated to independent publishing.

Guests include Argentinean photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg, whose Natur-e reflects on the relationship between man, nature and technology, and Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass, who will be exhibiting Humanae, a project that seeks to demonstrate that what defines the human being is his inescapable uniqueness.

There will also be the Encounter project by Italian photographer Silvia Rosi, who starts from her family album to tell stories of migration and diaspora through self-portraits and performances, and Afterlife by French photographer Vasantha Yogananthan, who tells the eternal challenge between good and evil by reinterpreting a passage from the Indian epic poem Ramayana.

In addition, three works chosen from over 700 projects submitted through the festival’s open call will be on display: Human by Ecuadorian photographer Fabiola Cedillo, focusing on the human need to reproduce, naturally and through technology; Fading Senses by Polish photographer Ligia Poplawska, on the implications of the loss of ecosystems on our mental and emotional health; and finally, C-R92/BY by British photographer Samuel Fordham, a project focusing on thousands of British families separated as a result of Home Office policies.

Visit the PhMuseum website and follow the Instagram profile to keep up with all the updates.

Fading Senses, Ligia Popławska
C-R92_BY, Samuel Fordham
Contemporary photography comes to Bologna with PhMuseum Days
Contemporary photography comes to Bologna with PhMuseum Days
Contemporary photography comes to Bologna with PhMuseum Days
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Luisa Mazzanti, between portraits and artistic nude

Luisa Mazzanti, between portraits and artistic nude

Giulia Guido · 1 day ago · Photography

Photography is much more than an image. It is an experience that starts from the photographer, passes through the subject and reaches the viewer. It is sharing emotions, moods, values and feelings.
If you’re not sure this is the case, Luisa Mazzanti‘s shots will certainly change your mind. 

Born in Lucca and moved to Milan, Luisa Mazzanti is a fine-art photographer of only 23 years old who, despite her young age, already has clear ideas on what messages and what stories to tell with her photos.

There are two genres in which Luisa has specialized, the portrait and the artistic nude.
Through the portraits she manages to capture the attention and curiosity of the viewer: the gazes of the models that point straight at us wrap us and do not let us go.
Instead, through the photographic nude she fights the aesthetic canons imposed by society and shows bodies free to show their forms in all their unique beauty. 

Sometimes it also happens that she becomes the subject of the shots, engaging in self-portraits of impact in which photography becomes the means by which to enhance their bodies and the body, with its natural beauty elevates photography to art. 

Read also: The intimate and analog self-portraits by Celeste Ortiz

Check out below some shots of Luisa Mazzanti and do not miss her future works follow her on Instagram and visit her website

Luisa Mazzanti
Luisa Mazzanti
Luisa Mazzanti, between portraits and artistic nude
Luisa Mazzanti, between portraits and artistic nude
Luisa Mazzanti, between portraits and artistic nude
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The taste of summer in Julien Pounchou’s photos

The taste of summer in Julien Pounchou’s photos

Giulia Guido · 1 day ago · Photography

A summer is always exceptional, whether it is hot or cold, dry or wet.” wrote Gustave Flaubert. That summer is always exceptional is an indisputable truth, it is that time of year when everything seems possible, when everything is waiting for a new beginning, when our days are freed from the daily routine, our mind is freed from duties and work to do, our body is freed from all its beauty. Summer is waiting, happiness and nostalgia at the same time. Capturing the essence of summer is almost impossible and when someone succeeds in this task it is always a pleasant rediscovery. One of these is Julien Pounchou, a French photographer who lives and works in Barcelona. 

Julien specializes in portraits and fashion photography, but among his work, there is always a constant that can be found in all his shots: the summer atmosphere

The subjects he photographs, from the colorful costumes, to the faces without make-up, to the tanned skin, are illuminated by the warm light typical of the summer months, the sun’s rays embrace everything and looking at the images we can almost feel its warmth. Julien Pounchou’s photographs are extremely natural and the choice of analog makes them even more particular, immediately giving them a style that recalls that of the 60s and 70s. And perhaps it’s their spontaneity that makes them as exceptional as Flaubert’s summer. 

Below you can find a selection of shots by Julien Pounchou, but to find out more go to his website and follow him on Instagram!

The taste of summer in Julien Pounchou’s photos
The taste of summer in Julien Pounchou’s photos
The taste of summer in Julien Pounchou’s photos
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